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Protect All Products Win AGAIN!!! 2013 and 2012 First Place!

Reader's Choice Emblems

Reader's of MotorHome and Trailer Life Magazines were invited once again to choose and cast their online votes for their favorite brands in 26 RV-Centric product categories for 2013. Just as they did in 2012, Reader's from each of the publications chose the Protect All Brand as Best of the Best in the RV Cleaner category. The Protect All family is proud to receive these awards once again and invite you to read for yourself why RV enthusiasts choose the Protect All brand of products to maximize the appearance, protection and performance of their RV. Read for yourself why customers voted Protect All products #1.

Our Commitment To You

Satisfaction Sticker

The Protect All brand highlights a history of dependable, customer-focused products, enabling long-term savings for the end user. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that every Protect All product you purchase meets or exceeds your high standards of quality, results and value or Protect All will refund your purchase price.

Read our full list of 100% Satisfaction Guarantees...

What can we do better? We value your comments and suggestions. Our goal is to make your Protect All experience as rewarding as possible. Please click this Survey Link to make your comments and suggestions about our website, products and customer service.

"What an amazing product! I was introduced to it by my local Yamaha dealer about 8 years ago when I bought my first bike, a Roadstar."

Loaded with chrome, leather, polished aluminum and acrylic I couldn't believe the incredible shine! As a photographer I am extremely detail conscious. I now have an award winning custom chopper, a mint 1973 Cougar XR7 convertible, and my ford 150. They all get plenty of love from ProtectAll. I have since moved to LA and hope I can order direct. Just to let you know, I hate typing, but I am a strong believer in the referral business and that means sending/passing on praise for good things. ProtectAll is a good thing."

--Steve Anderson, L.A., CA Website

ADI Recommended -- Auto Detailing Institute

My name is Steve Monk; I am President and founder of the Auto Detailing Institute™ (ADI). At ADI, we train individuals from all walks of life to own and operate a high-end auto detailing business. The vocational wisdom that I impart to others through our specialized training is based on over 20 years of personal field experience. Throughout my long career as a high-end detailer, I tried as many automotive surface maintenance and restoration products as I could get my hands on. Few have impressed me as greatly as the Protect All line.

Read Steve's story here...

New Protect All Series of Videos

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have finally done it!

We have completed our first in a video information series entitled "Appearance Basics" and we want you to be among the first to see it.


RV Maintenance and Care

Slide-Out Maintenance and Care (NEW)

Protect All Quick & Easy Wash (NEW)

The video is just over 2 minutes and covers the basic information about Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner and Protect All Rubber Roof Treatment. It shows tools and, discusses, and demonstrates the procedure for rendering care to EPDM Rubber and TPO Sheet Roofing membrane. This is by far the most popular subject on our site and many others around the net.

We hope you will find it informative and enjoy what you see. A second, more in-depth presentation on the subject of Rubber Roofing will be coming soon and we will continue to produce more "Appearance Basics" videos centered around the vehicles and surfaces you care about most.

Alpha Systems

"Alpha Systems, Inc. and Protect All, Inc. join, to educate Dealers and Owners about Rubber Roofing."

Learn more

Alpha Systems and Protect All feel that though much has been written on the topic of rubber roofing in trade and consumer publications, most of it has created more questions and uncertainty than answers. "We realize that there are misconceptions about rubber roofing, and we want to work with Protect All to help educate consumers and dealers about roof care and maintenance, " said Alpha Systems' President David Smith. He went on to say, "Protect All's reputation for quality products and customer service is well known throughout the industry. We feel that they have a thorough understanding of EPDM roofing and they communicate well with the RV dealer and consumer."

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