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  • QE 32
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Quick & Easy™ Rinseless Wash

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NO Hose! NO Suds! NO Streaks! NO Spots! NO Mess! Quick & Easy Wash safely loosens and lifts dirt.

I bought the Quick & Easy Wash, had it for about 2 or 3 months, but I didn't believe all the claims made on the bottle so I didn't use it until about 3 weeks ago. As is the case in most campgrounds, they don't like you to wash your RV so I tried your product out and it did everything you said it would do. Thank you very much."
-- Bob Brundage, OR

Quick & Easy Wash is a non-abrasive, anti-static, water repellent wash that leaves a super clean, sparkling shine with no streaks, spots or soapy film.

Quick & Easy Wash is specially formulated to allow washing without rinsing. For all vehicles.



Use ½ ounce (1 capful) of Quick & Easy Wash in a bucket with two quarts water for an average size car. Use one ounce per gallon for larger vehicles. Quick & Easy Wash safely loosens and lifts dirt eliminating the need to rinse with water. Wash a section at a time then just chamois, towel or squeegee dry. Quick & Easy Wash is economical!

Quick & Easy Wash is non-abrasive. Remove oxidation, stains and heavy grime with a strong cleaner or polishing compound before using Quick & Easy Wash for the first time. Protect All FIBERGLASS Oxidation Remover & Color Restorer and heavy-duty Protect All Black Streak Cleaner and Degreaser are perfect for tackling oxidation, stains and heavy grime.



Wash any vehicle wherever it is parked. This is especially important where water use is restricted. Because you don’t need to rinse you can wash in your garage, apartment parking stall, campgrounds, parks, marinas and airplane tiedowns. Quick & Easy Wash is great for home and office, too.


Clean Water Act and Ground Water Pollution — Washing without rinsing greatly reduces the discharge of pollutants into storm drains, sewers and the ground water preventing run-off contamination into rivers, lakes, bays and oceans. Quick & Easy Wash helps both commercial and industrial users comply with the discharge guidelines established by the Clean Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Helpful Hint:

Mix appropriate amount of Quick & Easy Wash with water and put into a spray bottle. Ideal for small jobs such as washing and shining glass, mirrors, tile, windows, etc. Keep a spray bottle handy in the garage for quick touch-ups on your vehicles, windows and patio furniture.

Available in 32 ounce and 1 gallon jugs.