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Do-it-yourselfers take particular pride in the appearance of their cars and trucks especially after hours of washing, waxing and detailing between those cracks and crevices. You just feel better when your ride sparkles and shines. Protect All products are guaranteed to make you feel that pride and satisfaction with less time and with less effort than you ever thought possible! Browse this page to learn about Protect All products for all models of cars and trucks, various maintenance issues and what other car owners have to say about their experiences with our products. You'll be glad you did.

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ADI Recommended -- Auto Detailing Institute

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My name is Steve Monk; I am President and founder of the Auto Detailing Institute™ (ADI). At ADI, we train individuals from all walks of life to own and operate a high-end auto detailing business. The vocational wisdom that I impart to others through our specialized training is based on over 20 years of personal field experience. Throughout my long career as a high-end detailer, I tried as many automotive surface maintenance and restoration products as I could get my hands on. Few have impressed me as greatly as the Protect All line.

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Proud Customer

Thanks for making such a great product!"

Jeremy's Car

"I'm just writing today to tell you how much I love the product "Protect All Polish, Wax & Treatment." I recently purchased a bottle of this stuff and it is awesome! I used it all over my car... on the mud flaps, plastic door handles on my car, outside of my mirrors, etc, etc. The car now has an insane shine to it better than a brand new car in the showroom.

Thanks for making such a great product!"
-- Jeremy, Canada

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Proud Customer

"...To characterize your product, I would put it in these terms: Ease of use, single-product efficacy and value. Frankly, I have never seen a product perform this way. I will therefore, recommend your product and refer them to your website."
-- Howard Abels, California

Proud Customer

"You may not remember me, I wrote to you back around the first part of October and asked for help in finding a store where I could buy Protect All [Polish, Wax & Treatment].


I have used it on my bike and car ever since with the best results I have ever had. I have used every wax and polish they make and never found anything that came close to Protect All! My black car never looked so black and a quick wash and it looks like I just polished it. An old riding buddy came up from Florida to see me and I told him about it and he bought all that was on the Wal-Mart shelf! It is great to find a product that is as good as it claims to be. I have used it on everything on the bike and car, even on the glass!!

Thanks again for your help in locating it, you have a lifetime customer!!!"
-- Bob Davison, NC

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